Sports Without Politics

Sport Relay connects you to your favorite sports without politics. If you want to read about politics, there are many venues that offer political analysis and cover sports at the same time. Not only is Sport Relay different than those other sports sites, but we strive to be different. We focus on truth and honesty, which is completely incompatible with bias and politics. In other words, our mission is to bring you relatable news that is honest and maintains professionalism while omitting bias and politics. As such, we offer you a different sort of ‘About Us’ page here that describes what our purpose is in sports journalism rather than simply offering you some everyday information about our company.

Sports Without Politics

You may wonder what we mean when we say that we offer sports news without politics. What we mean is that we will not create articles that make political statements – whether in the content or in the title. In addition, many types of articles in sports can come close to, or walk a fine line with some of the news that is being argued in politics. We are not here to argue for or against the news, nor are we here to argue in favor of, or against political issues. We are here to report the news to you and to analyze sports topics for you. If you want sports with politics, there are a lot of other sites that will bring political arguments into play.

We report sports news for the love of the games, not to get people to vote a certain way or to change people’s minds on political issues. If you think we have somehow crossed over the fine line between politics and sports, please use our contact page to let us know. We want to provide a place to read about the sports we all love without getting annoyed by politics at the same time.

Honesty in Sports Journalism

Here at Sport Relay, we believe in our articles and we want our readers to as well. Because we leave politics out of sports, we leave out rhetoric that might otherwise call our integrity into question. Honesty and integrity go hand in hand and we want the sports journalists that work here to have integrity. We want our platform to have integrity. But being honest is only a part of what it takes to maintain integrity.

Sport Relay must remain unbiased for our readers because we want our readers to trust us. We want our readers to read our articles without wondering if there was only some truth to one or more statements within our articles. We want all of our statements to be as true as possible at the time we make them. And if those statements somehow become untrue after publication, then it is our duty to update them for you. In other words, we strive to report facts and truth.

If you think that we may have made a mistake in one of our articles or if an article has inaccurate information, please use our contact page to let us know.

Sport Relay’s Professionalism

Here at Sport Relay, we require our sports journalists to be professional. Athletes and fans are people and so are our sports journalists. When our sports journalists come into contact with fans and athletes, they are representatives of Sport Relay. We offer our sports journalists the ability to enter team clubhouses, interview athletes, and view games from press boxes. These are things that almost all people do not get to do in their lifetimes. As such, the ability to do these things comes with responsibility. As a result of performing their duties, our sports journalists frequently come into contact with fans, athletes, and other sports journalists.

We want our sports journalists to be respected when they enter these areas and do these things. We also want our sports journalists to respect the other people that they come into contact with along the way. They obviously analyze sports and players. Not all people will agree with all analyses that our sports journalists put forth. In other words, our sports journalists may come into contact with people that disagree with them on topics. Our sports journalists are required to maintain their composure throughout these interactions. They are to understand that people will disagree with them at times. This includes both in-person and online interactions.

If you think that one of our sports journalists has acted unprofessionally, please use our contact page to let us know. We believe that professionalism, honesty, and integrity are keys to being good sports journalists. If you would like to read more about Sport Relay’s professionalism, feel free to read our Newsroom Guidelines.

Honest, Unbiased, and Apolitical

These may be the three words we recently placed under our logo, but they are not the only words that matter to Sport Relay. Professionalism matters to us because not everyone gets to have conversations with the people we speak with or go to the places to which our sports journalists have access. Having integrity is a big part of why people trust Sport Relay’s reporting. We believe that being unbiased, honest, and professional is part of what it takes to achieve and maintain integrity.

Sports Without Politics for Love of the Games

Offering access to sports news without politics is something we do for the love of the games we cover. Getting annoyed by politics while enjoying sports is not fun or entertaining. It hinders our enjoyment of the games we love. Sports are exciting and enjoyable. Politics are dull, evoke negative emotions in people, and can cause outrage. The games themselves can sometimes be dull, have strong emotive force whether good or bad, and can cause outrage without even considering political topics. There is no reason to compound them. Let’s instead take a break from that and enjoy our sports without politics.

We hope you now understand more about Sport Relay and how we are different from other sports news platforms. If you have any questions, we are here for you. Please use our contact page to get in touch with our team.