Yankees Re-Sign Judge to Nine Years, $360 Million

Yankees Re-Sign Judge
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Aaron Judge has made an agreement to re-sign with the New York Yankees for nine years, $360 million Wednesday morning. Judge was the premier name at the Winter Meetings this offseason, having an historic 2022 season. He swatted 62 home runs to break the single-season American League record set by Roger Maris in 1961. But Judge is not only a slugger. He barely missed out on the American League Triple Crown, finishing atop the league in both home runs and RBI, with 131. Judge also finished second to Luis Arraez in batting average, closing out the season at .311. Arraez inched past him at .316. But the traditional big three numbers are not the only ones that stand out from Judge’s 2022 season.

Judge led not only the AL but all of MLB in a number of categories. He led the majors in

  • Home Runs (62)
  • Runs Scored (133)
  • Runs Batted In (131)
  • On-Base Percentage (.425)
  • Slugging Percentage (.686)
  • OPS (1.111)
  • OPS+ (211)
  • Total Bases (391)
  • wOBA (.458)
  • wRAA (82.1)

The 2017 Rookie of the Year Award winner also led the AL in walks with 111. Judge’s hard-hit percentage was 61.9% in 2022, which was the highest of his career. His strikeout rate was the second-lowest of his career at 25.1%. His walk rate was also the second-highest of his career, at 16%. Judge earned his fourth trip to the All-Star Game, third Silver Slugger Award, and first AL MVP Award in 2022.

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Judge Rules in Yankees’ Favor, Nine Years $300 Million

The season was incredible but the wait for Judge to sign during the MLB Winter Meetings had its rumors. There was a rumor that Judge was going to make an appearance at the MLB Winter Meetings, but that rumor did not materialize. On Tuesday, there were rumors that Judge would be signing with the San Francisco Giants for $360 million. Judge grew up near San Francisco and was a Giants fan while he was growing up. That rumor also never materialized. Speculations that Judge may choose the Giants over the Yankees swirled over recent days, but ultimately Judge has made his decision to re-sign with New York.

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