$202.5 Million Renovation Set For Cleveland’s Progressive Field

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The Cleveland Guardians announced Thursday a renovation project for Progressive Field that is scheduled to be completed over the next three years as a result of the team’s new lease extension. The overhaul was supposed to start this offseason, but will not begin until after the 2023 season is completed.

“Progressive Field Reimagined” is intended to improve and extend the life of the ballpark, which opened in 1994 and is the 11th-oldest in Major League Baseball. The project includes features to the upper deck, Terrace Club, Dugout Club, home and visiting clubhouses, administrative offices, and service level.

“Progressive Field has been a fantastic home to Cleveland Baseball since it opened in 1994,” said Owner, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer Paul Dolan in a statement released by the ballclub. “We are excited to continue to call Progressive Field home for decades to come, and we look forward to providing new experiences and updated enhancements to our fans, players, and staff through renovation projects that will continue to keep our ballpark competitive as one of the best venues in Major League Baseball.”

Funding for Progressive Field’s Renovation

An agreement signed last year that extends the current lease to 2036 with potential options to extend it to 2046 supports the funding for the renovations. The agreement is between the City of Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, State of Ohio, the Gateway Economic Development Corporation of Greater Cleveland and the Guardians. The ballclub estimates the total cost of the projects will be $202.5 million with $67.5 million coming from the Guardians. The team also is to provide additional funds to cover cost overages, if any, that may result from the projects.

The total cost of the ballpark’s construction in 1994 was $175 million, with $84 million (48%) provided by taxpayers and $91 million (52%) by then-owner Richard E. Jacobs.

An Improvement for Everyone

“The new fan-facing renovation projects have a heavy emphasis on social experiences at the ballpark,” said President of Business Operations Brian Barren. “As we surveyed our fans, we continuously heard feedback that aligned with the success we saw with the Corner Bar – a focus on more social spaces and compelling fan experiences in the ballpark offering unique ways to enjoy a game.”
Increased player comfort is also a primary goal of the project. The amenities upon the construction of the new ballpark played a big part in enticing free-agent players who previously ignored Cleveland to come to town.
“Year over year we are continuously striving to achieve our ultimate goal of winning a World Series Championship for the City of Cleveland,” said President of Baseball Operations Chris Antonetti. “To achieve that goal, we need to provide our players the adequate space and amenities to focus on training, recovery, and rehabilitation. Those will be the biggest focus areas as we build out the renovated clubhouse space.”

Continually Renovating for the Best Experience

The team made significant renovations in 2015, mostly in right field. They removed a pedestrian bridge and some concession buildings. Just outside, the team moved statues of all-time greats Jim Thome, Bob Feller, and Larry Doby together. A two-story bar nicknamed “The Corner”, replaced “The Batter’s Eye Bar”, which was often overcrowded. The bullpens, previously separated, were relocated to the right-center field area, giving fans closer views of players. The mezzanine deck was reduced by several rows to open the area. The Kid’s Clubhouse was changed to two stories with a view to the game. Seating in the upper deck behind right field and down the first-base line was removed and replaced with terraces, available for use by large groups.
They completed another phase completed in 2016, adding a club area behind home plate for season-ticket holders, a new scoreboard system, additional auxiliary scoreboards, new standing-room areas in the left-field area, and additional concession areas.
In 2017, the ballpark became the 11th MLB facility to have LED field lights. They installed Wi-Fi throughout the park in 2017 as well.

New Progressive Field Renovations

The new renovation projects will focus on the following areas:
Cleveland Guardians Exterior - provided by Guardians via MANICA
Photo Provided by Guardians

Revamped Upper Deck

The revamped area will feature multiple social spaces for fans. The new-look upper deck will feature a beer garden down the left-field line, a new group outing space in right field, and new concession spaces, including two new View Box bars that will flank home plate and are intended to provide more open sight lines from the upper-deck concourse.

Terrace Hub

They will turn the current Terrace Club into an open-air hub with terraced-ticketed seating on the 200 and 300 levels. A new expansive authentic-to-Cleveland Beer Hall food and beverage area on the 400 level will be open to all fans. The ticketed seating sections will have their own private club space on the 300 level.

Dugout Club

The new Dugout Club adjusts field-level seats that currently exist while creating a new exclusive lounge behind home plate. The Club will feature seven private lounges to allow groups to enjoy an exclusive experience.

Clubhouses & Service Level

Plans are to renovate both clubhouses, as well as the ballpark service level, for the first time. They will completely redesign the home clubhouse with a focus on player amenities in performance, training, and recovery. The Guardians expect renovations to significantly improve the ability to support player preparation, performance, and recovery through expanded and enhanced strength and conditioning and athletic training areas, improved kitchen facilities, and more robust technological support for players, coaches, and staff members.

E. 9th Street Building

To allow for the clubhouse expansion, a new four-level E. 9th street building will be erected in right field to allow for a new kitchen and commissary for the concessionaire, as well as additional storage facilities for the ballpark. The rooftop of the new E. 9th street building will connect to the Upper Concourse and serve as a new group space at Progressive Field.

Cleveland Guardians Front Office

The Guardians’ will renovate their Front Office for the first time since 1994. As part of the renovation, the Guardians will add a fifth floor to the current four-level structure at Progressive Field.

Progressive Field Renovation Timing

The Guardians expect to complete all renovations by the 2025 season. The schematic design process is close to completion, and the majority of the 2023 season will focus on design development.
2024 Opening Day Project Completion:
  • Upper Deck Experience
  • E. 9th Street Building
2025 Opening Day Project Completion:
  • Terrace Hub
  • Dugout Club
  • Clubhouses & Service Level
  • Administrative Offices

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Cleveland Guardians Exterior - provided by Guardians via MANICA
Photo Provided by Guardians

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